‘We're down-to-earth. But we still want our stand to deliver a rich brand experience.’

Movendi / UNITYMEDIA KabelBW

Fresh and exciting creative highlights leave a lasting impression

AMECKO was commissioned by event agency Movendi to design and create Unitymedia KabelBW's exhibition stand at the ANGA COM exhibition in Cologne, and came up with a solution that clearly had the "wow factor". With its eye-catching strategy and refreshing architectural design, AMECKO made Unitymedia KabelBW's stand a unique and compelling experience that went straight to the hearts of the target audience. Besides showcasing the company's product line, AMECKO's exhibition stand boasted a host of other fresh and exciting creative highlights. The star of the show was undoubtedly the LED dancefloor which invited visitors to interact with different brand elements from Unitymedia KabelBW's Horizon platform.

The interactive Horizon dancefloor signposted the way to the exhibition stand. Discreet infrared cameras immediately transmitted each visitor's movements to the dancefloor, causing the LED lights built into the dancefloor to burst into life with vivid and creative flourishes before gradually calming down again. Two professional dancers in full Unitymedia KabelBW regalia thrilled the guests and encouraged them to join in.

To evoke different emotions, alternative scenarios from the Unitymedia, KabelBW and Horizon brand universe were programmed into the dancefloor.

Another highlight complementing the dancefloor was the "blossoms in flight" feature – this creative element was inspired by the customer logo and was positioned well within the line of sight below the ceiling. To create this device, highly flexible fibreglass rods were covered in stretch fabric which formed them into the desired shape. Not a single stitch was visible, so meticulously and accurately were they produced.

The media technology delivered an ideal technical setting for the hugely popular frontal presentations by the UMKBW team. The unusually long, curved bar which traversed the stand in a semi-circular fashion created a very inviting dialogue-oriented communication zone for visitors. Behind that, visitors and UMKBW staff could talk undisturbed in a generously specified meeting zone that was divided off from the rest of the stand. The stand also offered optimum infrastructure, with storage, catering and technology facilities all incorporated into the confined space available.

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