‘Can you deliver multimedia fireworks across national borders?’

Internationally minded
Vantage stage

Cross-border media solutions

The customer commissioned us to assemble a stage design in a number of major international cities. The tight time schedule for assembling and disassembling the stage meant that everything had to run smoothly. Good groundwork is crucial for eliminating complications before they even arise – especially so for foreign assignments.

That's why we flew in our specialists from Germany for on-site installation and coordination. Overcoming logistical hurdles in international freight business to make sure that the right materials can be shipped smoothly in and out of the country with the right customs paperwork is part of our daily business. But still, special care and attention is needed to satisfy each country's particular import regulations down to the last word.

18 LED screens, interlinked seamlessly, were incorporated into the stage design to present an organic interplay of colours. Highly sensitive, vivid and large in format – a material which exceeded expectations and can be transported safely anywhere in the world.

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