‘Some of our stands measure 3×4 metres; others are 30 times that size.’

Exhibition stand kit

Meeting ecological and economic needs

The exhibition strategy, which was designed from scratch, involved creating permanent modular stands ranging in size from 12 sqm to 400 sqm. The end-product? A modular stand kit that was tailored to client specifications – worlds apart from run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all products.

Optimised workflows and thorough maintenance between exhibitions mean that just a few modules have needed to be replaced and refurbished in the meantime. This preserved the high quality of the stand – making our custom solution a showcase project for sustainable business.

The logos and posters in the light boxes are simple to replace, so the stand can easily be customised to suit new campaigns. For smaller events, there is a complementary system in the same corporate design which can be used for stands ranging in size from 6 sqm to 12 sqm.

To keep the creative strategy consistently fresh and exciting at the many congresses the client attends over the years, we collaborate with the client to implement overarching concepts and interactive events. What it comes down to, at the end of the day, is delivering a clear and concise message in a perfectly organised and functional setting that proudly boasts the client's CI.

With AMECKO's support, the client has, for years now, been able to keep one face to the market at all the major congresses, while retaining maximum flexibility in the long-term use of the stand elements.

  • Modular stand kit
  • A long-term, flexible solution