‘Ordered today, delivered yesterday. Can you do that?’

Evonik RAISE

Talking loud and clear

Evonik's RAISE Day in Essen showcased the chemicals group's best ideas for maximising potential within the group before an audience of almost 200 international executives. We were invited to design, produce and assemble the exhibition on site. Once briefed, it took us barely 3 months to create the right design and bring the project to life.

The event was tightly organised by the client, and both the creative concept and the exhibition didactics needed to be clearly structured. Evonik wanted to get its message across using a blend of metaphorical communicative techniques and bold and pithy statements. It also wanted visitors to interact with the topics and even touch the exhibits, deploying touchscreens and iPads to encourage interaction.

It was crucial to tailor the presentations to suit the time and space available. Specifically, by conveying the messages as readily understandable displays and animated features. So the individual stands that needed them were equipped with touchscreens, iPads and docking stations connecting them to the RAISE teams' Intranet applications.

The model of Evonik's Essen campus, with back-lit pictograms symbolising the various solutions in the area of facility management, was an unconventional and eye-catching feature.

The almost 200 executives were divided into small groups so that they could attend presentations at all the stands within a short timeframe. The presentations were simultaneously interpreted into several languages.

  • Careful and precise
  • Eye-catching
  • Multilingual