‘Implementing the project will be highly complex and we expect quality to exceed expectations.’

Level Green

Production and logistics in perfect harmony

"Level Green", a permanent exhibition in Volkswagen's Autostadt in Wolfsburg, offers 26 exhibits in six themed areas in which visitors can explore how sustainability impacts on the environment.

In consultation with the responsible architects and functional planning teams, our role in extending the exhibition was to plan the work and the project, and to take care of production, logistical and interface management duties. Quality standards were exacting, the time schedule was tight, and we faced the huge challenge of stepping in and adapting an existing structure. Tolerance levels for exchanging stock items had to meet the strictest quality criteria.

Production of the exhibition space went on backstage: the Autostadt's day-to-day operations had to continue uninterrupted, out of sight and earshot of the daily visitors.

The client strictly specified the use of sustainable building methods and compliance with the applicable fire regulations. It was absolutely crucial that all the units exchanged met the very highest standards of accuracy.

What made the exhibits so unique was their elaborate and precise construction using wood materials with fitted steel cores (to ensure structural soundness), as well as their surface coating, not to mention their printed and curved interactive glass surfaces.

Production went on backstage during the Autostadt's normal day-to-day operations. The exhibits were produced "just in time" at home base and painted in Wolfsburg and Brunswick, before being transported to the Autostadt to be carefully and precisely fitted.

  • Choice of materials
  • Careful and precise
  • Just in time